AI Freedom Alliance Mission Statement

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has great potential to advance humanity. Yet, with that power comes the proportionate ability for abuse and misuse. We are the "AI Freedom Alliance"; an independent governance body representing a diverse group of businesses from many industries. Our objective it to provide leadership necessary to create an environment where AI can achieve its fullest potential. And our mission is to publish principles for Ethical and Reasonable AI rule-making that foster growth in a level playing field.

Resolutions & Standards

Our Initiatives

AIFA is committed to publishing ethical guidelines for some of the following topics,
currently of interest:

  • Generative AI Identification.
    This topic covers whether viewers of digital content should have the ability
    to check whether it was generated by AI.
  • Generative AI Applications.
    There is a wide world of AI applications. Certain applications carry the risk of infringing on individual freedoms. Implementing a comprehensive set of guidelines would be advantageous in addressing these concerns and benefiting users in these areas.
  • AI Bot Identification and Disclaimers.
    This topic includes whether users of AI support bots have the right to know when they are conversing or communicating with a bot.
  • Police/Military AI Applications.
    The ethical concerns of defensive AI capabilities from policing and wartime standpoints.